Members of The Order of the Saltire in Europe are captured, but who took them and why? The Order discovers an enemy that has existed for almost two thousand years, creating and supplying conflicts for profit. This enemy has a plan to engulf all of Europe in a terrible war, pitting neighbor against neighbor. The Order must stop the enemy’s plan before millions of innocent lives are lost. Tom Anderson and the Knights of the Order of the Saltire stumble on a plot to plunge Europe into a winless war. “Il Nona,” a two thousand year old organization that rose from the ashes of the 9th Roman Legion, is arming Europeans and their immigrant neighbors, hoping that, once conflict starts, there will be a steady demand for arms and military services. Tom is captured and taken to Il Nona’s headquarters. Can Tom find a way to stop Il Nona’s plans and help the Knights in Europe work together before Il Nona unleashes a storm of bloodshed and death that won’t stop until Europe lies in ruins?


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