When the Order of the Saltire uncovers a plot to simultaneously activate scores of foreign sleeper agents as part of a plot to destabilize the United States government and economy, the Order is faced with the herculean challenge of identifying these sleepers and stopping them before they can carry out their missions. Jamie Anderson is contracted to teach combat martial arts to law enforcement and military units who are involved in counter-terrorism and counter-espionage operations. But when a team of assassins attack a group of her students, Jamie barely escapes with her life. Hunted by the assassins, she must hide in the shadows until she can figure out who is chasing her and why. When she discovers that the Feds are looking for her with orders to “Detain if Possible, Eliminate if Necessary,” she must risk it all to clear her name. Along with her fiancé, Hunter Sinclair, Jamie and her team of Knights of the Order uncover the truth about the plots to kill her, but will the team be able to save her before the assassins and the Feds find her and the foreign sleeper agents are activated?


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