Franco Allessi is a broken, lonely man who wants nothing more than to outrun the ghosts of his past. For years, he tries to numb the pain of his wife’s death with cheap beer and whiskey. When he’s convicted of drunk driving, the judge revokes his license for six months and orders him to serve fifty hours of community service. Franco chooses Savannah Falls Hospice for no reason other than it’s walking distance from his dilapidated house trailer. On his first day on the job, he meets Aubrey Brewer, a woman whose time on earth is quickly ticking to a stop. Their unusual connection teaches powerful, life-changing lessons about friendship, acceptance, and the importance of appreciating that precious treasure called Life.


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3 reviews for 50 Hours

  1. Mrs. Tina Rice

    I so enjoyed the depth of characters in this book. Loree Lough has produced a story-line that not only captured my heart but sent my emotions in all directions as I read this remarkable story. She adapted the screenplay, 50 Hours, by Kevin James O’Neill into a poignant story that brings the characters to life.

    What does Franco Allessi, a broken and lonely man, expect from the judges’ order to serve fifty hours in community service? I think he first went as a way to stay out of jail but the residences of Savannah Falls Hospice soon change his mind and his heart. How can healing come from a Hospice facility when those there may be facing a soon-to-be ending to their lives here on earth? Well, healing does take place in very unusual ways.

    The residence of Savannah Falls Hospice are as unique in their reasons for being there as well as the other life-changing challenges they face. Aubrey Brewer is one such residence who soon befriends Franco at a time he most needs it, as does she. Aubrey is one spunky and feisty lady. I admire the way she faces the challenges before her, but she does need a good friend. I don’t think either of them realize the impact they are about to have on each other’s lives. They have an unusual connection that I believe to be God-designed. This connection teaches them both powerful life-lessons that will change them forever. That special bonded friendship is tested when Aubrey asks Franco to do something she desperately needs done soon as her time is short, however, if he does comply with her wishes he could end up in jail. What will he do? You will have to read the book to find out.

    As a retired Oncology RN with Hospice training, I found this story to be especially moving. Loree Lough easily captured the essence of the emotional roller-coaster ride those facing life-altering illnesses experience. A remarkable story.

  2. Vickie Fisher

    What a wonderful inspiring book to read. If I am every in hospice I pray someone like Aubrey Brewer is there with me. The way she embraces each day as if it’s truly a treasure is a lesson we could all use. In her dying days she reaches inside the darkness Franco Allessi has imprison himself in. This is a book about true friendship, and the lengths it is willing to go. This book will not only bring tears to your eyes, an ache to your heart, but also a warm glow of joy.

  3. Chrissy D.

    Oh my gosh. I could not put this book down. To be honest, it isn’t a book I normally would have chosen…I love Christian Romance. But, this book…Loree you are a fabulous writer. Drew me in from the get go. I had a few late nights reading this story. 🙂 I laughed, I cried. I wanted to meet these people and share their joys, sorrows and experiences they met head-on. Didn’t want it to end. I was sad, because it did. Such a beautiful story of redemption.

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