Legacy of the Grand Master


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The granddaughter of the founder and first Grand Master of the Order of the Saltire learns her family’s greatest secret. She is given a choice and a challenge: walk away from the Order and what it represents; or follow her destiny, join the Order, and fulfill her family’s legacy. When she makes her choice, her life is changed forever. Jamie Anderson, Tom Anderson’s daughter, has grown up thinking that her family was perfectly normal – until one day when her grandfather pulls her aside and tells her about her family’s involvement with the Order of the Saltire. The Order is her family’s legacy, and Jamie must decide whether or not she will follow in her family’s footsteps. When she decides to follow her destiny and join the Order, she soon finds herself in the middle of a web of intrigue, murder, corruption, and a plot aimed at destabilizing the nation’s economy. Will she be able to fulfill her destiny with the weight of her grandfather’s legacy on her shoulders?




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