Trapped in South America, members of The Order of the Saltire watch as the democratically-elected government is overrun by Il Nona and the rebel army. The members of the Order see an opportunity to help defeat Il Nona and end the revolution before more governments in the region fall. In the final showdown between the Order and Il Nona, only one can survive. Il Nona and the rebels have seized all of the population centers, blocked all communications, and taken control of the government. Tom Anderson and the officers of the Order of the Saltire, working with the local Knights of the Order, fight back. On the eve of Il Nona’s victory, Tom and the Knights launch several operations to restore communications, rescue the President and his cabinet, and alert the world about Il Nona’s presence in South America. As the rebels’ plans begin to unravel, Tom and the Knights must risk their lives to defeat Il Nona once and for all. But can a handful of Knights defeat an enemy that’s almost four thousand strong? Is Tom leading his Knights to their greatest victory, or to certain death?


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