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Code Four: Surviving and Thriving in Public Safety – Book Trailer

First Responder Resilience by Melissa Spell – Book Trailer

Protected But Scared by Melissa Spell – Book Trailer

Catalina Claussen’s (Diamonds at Dawn) Radio Interview

Curse of the Komodo By M.C. Berkhousen – Book Trailer

Limited Edition: A Poacher’s Endgame by Prakash Dighe – Book Trailer

Barry and the Vampire in the Rosedale Encounter by Darrell Bartell – Book Trailer

Author Amanda Thrasher Talks YA Books on The Young Adult Cafe

Amanda M. Thrasher Interview

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50 Hours by Loree Lough – Book Trailer

From Sea to Sea by Nelda B. Gaydou – Book Trailer

Bitter Betrayal by Amanda M. Thrasher – Book Trailer

Catalina Claussen’s (Diamonds at Dusk) Radio Interview

Terminus X by Matthew Gene – Book Trailer

Baptist New Mexican (To the Ends of the Earth: High Plains to Patagonia)

The Greenlee Project by Amanda M. Thrasher – Book Trailer

Jester by Jonathan Black – Book Trailer

Texas Woman’s Riveting Escape From Amish Life

Emma Gingerich left her Amish community in search of a better life

Living with the Amish is actually no romance novel

Ex-Amish woman finding new life

Breaking Amish: Emma Gingerich

A Piece Of Home I dreamed about modern clothes

What It’s Like for an Amish Person to Try Online Dating and Texting

The girl who escaped her Amish community

A Writer’s Story, a Mother’s Request, a Fictional Character