Limited Edition: A Poacher’s Endgame

Stumbling upon a briefcase full of cash on a lonely road in the middle of the night, Jay and Heidi find themselves unable to resist picking it up–and are suddenly in the crosshairs of a ruthless poacher and a corrupt official. The police, meanwhile, have a far more vexing problem on hand: a Scotland Yard detective has flown in to investigate the mysterious death of a young British tourist in a game reserve.

With the unwitting involvement of a diverse cast of characters, the stage is set for a mystery adventure with nerve-racking twists and turns. As Jay and Heidi outwit the not-so-smart poachers, they become an unlikely pair of heroes in the global war on poaching. Interspersed with wry humor and witty dialogue, the story takes the reader on a fast-paced African safari through Nairobi (the mile-high “Green City under the Sun” in Kenya) and the famous wildlife game parks in a region from where the word ‘safari’ originates.

Hardcover available: Please email the publisher if wanting to purchase a hardcover edition.


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