The Worthy’s son, home from his medical internship earlier than expected, is confronted by a stranger in their family home, and he will not return to complete his medical studies. Jane Worthy, founder of “Save the Child,” an anti-abortion organization, will never be able to refer to her son as a doctor, and John Worthy will never hunt or fish with his son again. A series of unexpected events leads the murderer to the Worthy’s house after the funeral of their son. Acknowledging his guilt, he drops a bombshell on the family that leaves the Worthy reeling! Questioning everything that they have stood for over the years, his claims, threaten the entire “Save the Child” organization. Is it true? Did Mrs. Worthy help save the life of the man who murdered her son? Did she really stop a woman from aborting her child so he could kill hers? Find out in this thrilling novel “Save the Child.”


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