Kyle Hoffman works as an agent for a secret branch of the government known as The Corporation. This division is exclusively responsible for the negotiations with extra-terrestrials, in exchange for technological information. The cost for the information, humans!Kyle’s latest assignment has landed him in the middle of something irreversible, and he finds himself questioning his own actions. He’s now protecting a young boy named Nash, who he must save from these unworldly beings. Together, they find themselves running for their lives, trying to stay one step ahead of being caught and taken to Terminus X.Time’s up, They’re back!


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3 reviews for Terminus X

  1. James Cummins

    The story was interesting and kept my attention to the end.

  2. David Buckner

    I met the author today on a plane in Nicaragua, he is an interesting person so I decided to purchase his book. It was a good read. I enjoyed the story line and the characters. I look forward to his next publication.

  3. Greg Jones

    I’m not a big reader of anything fiction, but this book had me on the edge of my seat. It’s a mix of Pulp Fiction meets the Men in Black. Well written and a super fast read! If you’re looking for a great book this summer – this is your book.

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