In the days leading up to the War of Spanish Succession (also known as Queen Anne’s War), a frigate from England’s Navy is dispatched on a secret mission to the Americas. The Captain’s orders are simple: stop the French and Spanish treasure fleets from reaching Europe and funding the coming war against England. How he is commanded to carry out those orders, however, is something no English Naval Officer had ever been ordered to do. King’s Ransom is a tale rooted in history but with the intensity of a modern thriller. It is a 2014 Royal Palm Literary Award winner for Historical Fiction.


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2 reviews for King’s Ransom

  1. Lee A.

    Well written and obviously well researched. It seemed factual even though I know it is fiction. I learned a good deal about a subject not familiar with.

  2. Dr. Thomas Law

    The author has done a masterful job of creating a first-class work of historical fiction. It is obvious, that he has done the necessary research to make sure that what he has to say is accurate and makes sense. He has taken historical events and molded them into a compelling story.

    The battle scenes and tactics portrayed in book are well written, describing sufficient detail to keep the reader engaged, but not so much that the reader gets bogged down. The story line carries throughout the book in a believable chain of events which lend credibility to the work of fiction. The characters are real, the anguish of war terrifying, and the glory of victory exuberating.

    As a reviewer, I read a good number of books. In order to make it through my task I apportion time each day to read a portion of each book. In many cases, it is a struggle to make it through the books and my systematic process forces me to complete the task.

    Unlike many other books, for this one I had to actually keep my system in focus or I would have read the whole book at the first sitting. The author kept my attentions and made me want to read on. It was only with great strength of will that I put the book down in order to engage in my other tasks, only to run into the same problem the next time I read a section of the book.

    It is a great read and I can see why it is a 2014 Royal Palm Literary Award winner for Historical Fiction. I highly recommend it as a great diversion from your day to day affairs, even if you are not into historical fiction. You will find it fun and enjoy your time away from current world events.

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