Since the creation of the world, the disobedient gods have pit man against one another for their own sport, but the day is approaching when the final conflict between the tribes of man – and between the obedient and the disobedient gods – will take place. The god Airmid created the Kingstone, and it holds a secret that will either save the world of Alastríona or lead to its utter destruction. For three orphans, caught up in events foretold centuries before they were born, the Kingstone represents their destiny as the fate of the world rests in their hands. Award winning author William Speir takes you on an epic journey in his first fantasy novel about the world of Alastríona.


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1 review for The Kingstone of Airmid

  1. Deanna Klingel

    Fantasy Fans beware! This series by William Speir will take up a lot of space on your bookshelves, but you will love it!

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