They’re coming! Brilynn saved her family, her town, and her world when she convinced The Seed to defy its own parameters, but in doing so, she brought her world back into the crosshairs of those who created The Seed. The Seeders are returning soon, and not even The Seed knows what will happen when they arrive. Brilynn and The Seed must search her barren world for clues to help them prepare for The Seeders’ arrival. Brilynn has another problem. Her town is growing faster than ever and is about to turn the natural world’s order upside down, which won’t sit well with the Big Five. Brilynn now faces a two-front war against an enemy that controls everything on her world and an unknown enemy coming from the void. When she discovers the biggest secret on her world-one that changes everything-she knows that nothing will ever be the same.  The Harvest is the sequel to The Seeder’s Gift and the fourth book in The Wind’s Cry series.


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