A Catholic girl and a Jewish boy training for a triathlon, search for clues to solve the mystery of a hit and run killer. Along the way they discover the importance of truth, friendship, and faith.


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2 reviews for Spokes

  1. Barb Szyszkiewicz

    Two homeschooled teens team up to train for a triathlon after a tragic hit-and-run claims the life of Kelsey’s mom. With the help of friars from a nearby monastery, Kelsey and Brendon set out to solve the mystery that has police stymied while each of them works through emotional journeys through grief. Recommended for readers in middle school and up.

  2. L. Wahl

    Spokes could be classified as an adventurous mystery, but the real heart of this story is the very special friendship that forms between the two lead characters.
    In the aftermath of a tragic accident the lives of two very different teens. Kelsey, a homeschooled Catholic girl, and Brendan, a Jewish boy who is dedicated to his faith, are intertwined. Their search for a mysterious sports car and a determination to compete in a triathlon leads these two on a summer adventure that will forever change them both. As the summer progresses and their training and search intensify, their friendship grows.
    Besides the compelling storyline, there are several side stories that center around triathlon training, a group of friars, and the Special Olympics, that are quite interesting. I think this story could be the catalyst for some great conversations. I’m sure many people can think of a friend that came into their life, possibly for only a brief time, that somehow made a huge, life-altering difference.
    I look forward to reading more books by Deanna Klingel.

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