Luke Brockway has a secret. As a result of an old family curse, he has tiny eagle feathers under his arms. No one knows, not even his brother, Austin. Now Luke and Austin are at camp, and it’s a challenge to keep the feathers hidden. The guys tease him about his “sun allergy.” A cabin mate pinches Luke repeatedly, leaving bruises. Luke doesn’t report the bullying because he fears he’ll be examined by the nurse, and she’ll find his feathers. He must find a way to deal with this bully on his own.

As the days go by, Luke, Austin, and their friend Megan face even greater perils. When disaster looms, Luke must choose between saving his friends and facing life as an eagle. Will Luke find a way to become 100% human again?


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2 reviews for 90% Human

  1. Russ S.

    Humor and adventure abound! Excellent book for young readers. Keep in mind this is book two in The Komodo Trilogy.

  2. J. Kelso

    This book is the best chirldrens novel you will ever read

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