Amenhotep II sat on the throne of Egypt when the ten plagues of the Hebrews were visited upon his people. After the disastrous encounter with the fleeing Hebrews at the Red Sea, Amenhotep returned to his capital – defeated and facing an uncertain future. The firstborn children of Egypt had been killed. Crops and livestock were virtually destroyed. Pharaoh’s people, recovering from infestations of insects and frogs, were grieving for their children and on the verge of starvation. Egypt’s neighbors saw Egypt as weak and no longer able to defend itself, and Egypt’s conquered territories no longer believed that Egypt was strong enough to hold them.

Amenhotep had only a handful of allies to help him navigate the plots and intrigue that surrounded him. Will his enemies succeed in assassinating him and placing one of his sons on the throne, or will Pharaoh find a way to stay one step ahead of the plots and intrigue, so he can save his people and return Egypt to its former glory?

William Speir’s fifth historical novel from Progressive Rising Phoenix Press takes you back to ancient Egypt during the aftermath of the Hebrew Exodus and explores what life must have been like for a Pharaoh besieged on all sides by his people, nobles, priests, wives, children, neighbors, and enemies.


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