Deep in the Louisiana swamps, 1903, five-year-old Willy is kidnapped by a Vodou Priestess. One day, he will fight bloody battles in France and come face-to-face with the horrors of Vodou.

In bustling New Orleans, 1903, bachelor Jack—a former Texas Ranger—has an encounter with a young beauty hiding in his hotel room. What she wants and needs will change his life forever.

1958 St. Louis, two girls of different races, Mercy and Annie, meet in the fifth grade. Together, they secretly explore St. Louis via bus and streetcar, encountering cultural prejudices at every turn— including from within one girl’s own family. The turbulent times and the Civil Rights Movement will test the girls’ loyalty and affect their choices on

In a saga spanning from 1903 to 1968, compelling characters navigate the stormy paths of life in New Orleans, St. Louis, and Texas until they all collide in a startling and dramatic way.



3 reviews for TRIUMPH: A Novel Of The Human Spirit

  1. Jamie Michele

    “Triumph is a stunning and sweeping piece of literary fiction that ticks all the right boxes for an engrossing read. Jodi Lea Stewart sets the stage with an emotional series of events, one in particular where I practically crumpled to the ground…” – Jamie Michele/READERS’ FAVORITE Reviewer (5-star review)

  2. Ruffina Oserio

    “The author handles themes that are as relevant and sensitive to contemporary readers as these were to characters since 1903. This is one of those novels that compel readers to think about one of the pressing problems of America: the color line, and it also asks serious questions about identity. Triumph is a powerful testimony that we can outgrow the pettiness that defines people by their color and see a human spirit behind anyone’s shade of skin.” – Ruffina Oserio/READERS’ FAVORITE Reviewer (5-star review)

  3. Cyrus Webb

    “In TRIUMPH, author Jodi Lea Stewart shows that time and place have nothing to do with the power of the human spirit.” – Cyrus Webb, Media Personality, Author, Top Amazon Reviewer

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