Be careful what you wish for! Luke and Austin Brockway can’t seem to stop arguing. Luke says he’d rather have a grizzly bear for a brother. Austin claims a Komodo dragon would smell better than Luke. While they are on a school trip to the zoo, a violent storm creates chaos in the atmosphere and their wishes are granted! Luke turns into a Komodo dragon and Austin becomes a grizzly bear. Luke can’t eat the frozen rats he gets for supper, and Austin is scared of his seven-hundred pound roommates. A mean guard with a temper and a cattle prod adds to their misery. Gramps tells the boys they are victims of an old family curse that can’t be undone until the next violent storm. Until then, they must help each other survive as zoo animals. Will they ever return to their normal, happy lives again?


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3 reviews for Curse of the Komodo

  1. Maureen Hayes

    Wonderful book for kids and adults as well

  2. David B.

    Very well written. Highly recommended especially for ages 9 – 14 years of age.

  3. Kaja7

    By a 5th grader
    This book was Fantastic!!!! I liked how the author made the story so convincing. I would say the story is for 4th graders to 8th graders. When I was done reading the book for the day I felt like I wanted to keep reading on the book. When I was done reading this book I thought what would happen to me if I was an animal? Which animal would you choose if you had to be an animal? Read the fantastic book by M.C. Berkhousen.

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