The nation is in lockdown after several terrorist attacks. The Knights of the Order of the Saltire stands against the forces attempting to push aside the civil government once and for all. Against the backdrop of this crisis, an unexpected romance develops between two people caught up in the web of terrorism and political intrigue. Tom Anderson and the Knights of the Order of the Saltire are caught off guard by events taking place all around them. There has been an assassination, there have been several terrorist attacks around the country, people are disappearing, and a team of Knights has been captured by government agents and taken to an undisclosed location. Tom becomes aware that officials inside the government are using techniques perfected by Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia to commit illegal acts against American citizens. The Order must take a stand, but what can they do to restore justice and freedom? As the crisis intensifies, Tom and fellow Knight Emily McCafferty fall in love with each other. In a battle beneath the Capitol building, their love is put to the test as they fight those attempting to take control of the government.


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