Breaking free from the fear that drained Jacob’s life was just the first step toward freedom from the solitary existence he had endured for most of his life. Now Jacob and his friend, the griffin named Shadow, find themselves on a new world where King Pontis has imprisoned Cecilia, the true Queen, and imposed his oppressive regime on the inhabitants of the once inclusive world. As Jacob and Shadow take up the fight for their lives and the lives of the oppressed people of Liferné, they discover an even more dangerous enemy looming – an enemy dedicated to eradicating all life on Liferné. Not even Pontis, with his Elite army, can defeat this enemy. Jacob and Shadow’s race to restore Cecilia to the throne turns into a race to save the entire world.

Caleb Monroe’s exiting sequel to Breaking Free will leave the reader spellbound as Jacob and Shadow struggle to overthrow Pontis and his Elite, rescue Cecilia, and protect Liferné from a vicious and unrelenting enemy.


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3 reviews for The Battle for Liferné

  1. Jon Georgiades

    New author, but so far these books have been great! Looking forward to the 3rd book!

  2. Kaysie Monroe

    The author really takes you on an epic adventure. Love this book!

  3. Anonymous

    The second book did not disappoint. These books bring you on a wild adventure. Can’t wait for book 3!

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