The Greenlee Project

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Greenlee Lynn Granger is about to find out how easily social media can be used as a malicious tool: a normal teen one day and ruined the next. Who knew a boy’s affections would turn her life into such a nightmare? Becoming a designated ‘project,’ a joke in front of the whole school, turns Greenlee’s life upside down. Relationships with her family and friends strained, she is forced to make mature decisions. Greenlee knows her choices will determine the future of her abusers. An emotional glimpse into the reality of cyberbullying. The Greenlee Project showcases the all-too-common anonymous and cruel betrayals of others through social media, of such magnitude that it devastates a young teen, her friends, family, and the community. Cyberbullying affects not just the victims, but everyone around them. After being the target of cyberbullying, what Greenlee does next is shocking.


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2 reviews for The Greenlee Project

  1. M. M. Bishop

    The Greenlee Project struck a nerve with me that I am sure I will remember for the rest of my life. The courage of Greenlee was astounding under the circumstances and inspiring to me as I have been through my share of both cyber and in your face bullying. This book is a must read and should be a book that is required reading in every school.

  2. Sherry

    Amanda Thrasher eloquently allows us a peek at the real-life challenges that our teens face on a daily basis. Bullying is a serious problem with our young people, and the book takes you on a roller coaster ride through the emotional trauma that it causes.

    This book not only focuses on the bullying problem, but it also focuses on the origination of the bullying act itself and how peer pressures can cause an otherwise respectable young person to make bad choices. Teens want to be popular, pretty, thin …etc, and they will go to great lengths to do what they feel necessary to gain the acceptance of their peers without giving much thought to the consequences of their actions.

    The book also sheds light on the affect that the bullying act has on the families, teachers, communities, and friends of not only the person being bullied, but also the person acting as the bully.

    The Greenlee Project is a wonderful book about a terrible subject. It’s hard to read this book without feeling sad, then angry, then empathetic, then proud.

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