Mrs. Klingel’s story of Rebecca & Heart welcomes readers into the unique journey of a young girl struggling with autism. The story is amusingly told through the eyes of an insect. Rebecca’s journey takes place in pre- World War II England, and during the war. It’s a sweet, informative story that notes the first identification of autism, and addresses the characteristics and misconceptions regarding autism. The story provides the reader examples of the everyday struggles that some on the autism spectrum must deal with. It also makes the reader aware of the possible hidden potential masked by the autism. Rebecca’s story expresses a small sample of the amazing abilities I’ve witnessed over my career. Finding those hidden gifts is what makes teaching students on the autism spectrum so amazing and part of what makes this story so enjoyable. Paul Batchelor, B.S. Education, retired special education-autism teacher, CEO of Developmental Disabilities and Behavior Consultants, member of Special Ops, and author of Help! My Child Has Autism. This lovely book presents an absolutely accurate portrayal of autism and the challenges faced by the child herself and those around her. With great humor and a deep appreciation of human nature the author chronicles the adventures of Rebbecca and her irrepressible dog in London just before and during World War 2. Although written for a young adult audience readers of any age will delight in the storytelling and characters. We can all learn and relearn that “differentness” is not necessarily a bad thing and that children (and dogs) are to be cherished. Stephen Lazoff, MD Pediatrician.


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3 reviews for Rebecca & Heart

  1. Carley A. Starr

    Wonderful story of an autistic child during WWII and her dog friend. If you’ve ever known an autistic child, you would appreciate the research that went into this book.

  2. Regina Sabia

    Touched my heart. So simple but so clear.

  3. Brenda Acosta

    This author knows how to touch your heart.

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