After her friends begin disappearing, the daughter of the Grand Master of the Order finds herself involved in battling a human trafficking ring.  But how far will she go to save her friends?  Will she risk everything she believes in to bring the traffickers to justice?

Jamie Anderson, Tom Anderson’s daughter, has everything – good friends, a new boyfriend, a great job, a loving family, and her work with the Order of the Saltire.  But human traffickers have abducted several of her friends, and she herself is captured and awaits a terrible fate.  Alone and cut off from the Order, Jamie must find a way to escape, but her ordeal changes her.  Can she ever be the person she was before?  When she finally faces the head of the human trafficking ring, will she use good judgment to bring down the traffickers’ operations, or will her need for revenge lead her down a dark path from which there is no return?


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