Being Home: A Southwestern Almanac is a laugh-out-loud story collection made for radio featuring quirky characters shaped by the seasons, the desert landscape, and small-town living, making audiences feel right at home in the Mimbres Valley. From Brandon Johnson’s mystifying encounter with a coyote to Ernesto Puro Corazon’s 6th grade drive to school with his abuela in his Chevy Impala SS, Claussen captures moments and people that are sure to surprise and entertain.


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  1. June

    This is a delightful collection of vignettes from Southwestern rural New Mexico. Claussen brings her characters to life and treats them both with painful objectivity and sentimental sensitivity, a hard feat to accomplish. Her descriptions are paradoxically head-shaking and laughter producing.

    I picked it up to read one or two selections, and ended up reading straight through it.

    Surprising to me was how the book ends, drawing all the stories together and giving the reader a sense of completion.

    Well done.

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