Sue Hamideh’s heartwarming tribute to her late husband and his remarkable family-from its roots in Lifta, a tiny Palestinian village outside Jerusalem, to Texas, where much of the family eventually settled-reminds us all that adversities can be overcome when one is willing to pursue and persevere in order to achieve what is best for one’s self and one’s family. This memoir was written to record and convey to future generations the actions and values of their ancestors-often taken in the harshest of circumstances. Genealogical and historical records are often lost when the descendants of beloved ancestors are forced to move to other countries or continents to pursue new opportunities. The story shows how ancestors not only survived but thrived, despite the state of affairs they were forced to endure! When there is a record of their ancestors’ amazing character, resilience, and faith, it inspires their descendants to push forward and continue the positive path that their forbearers forged.


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