Il Nona was hurt, but not destroyed. When Il Nona escapes from Europe and relocates to South America, the Order of the Saltire must find the enemy and discover its plans. Members of the Order traveling in South America find themselves trapped in the middle of a revolution being led by Il Nona – cut off from the airport and all communications with the outside world. Il Nona is in hiding across Europe. Everywhere they go, the authorities are waiting for them. Il Nona’s new leader is faced with having to disband, but an unexpected business offer breathes new life into the organization – and a change of scenery. For Tom Anderson and the Knights of the Saltire, Il Nona’s sudden disappearance is a cause for concern. Knights all over the world are looking for Il Nona, but to no avail. Tom and several of the officers of the Order travel to South America to meet with new members of the Order. But Il Nona is also in South America, helping rebels overthrow the government of their country. Tom and the officers become trapped when the rebels overrun the capitol, and they must decide if they will hide until the revolution is over, or if they will fight back against their old enemy.


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