What could go wrong on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico coast of Texas? Smuggling and manufacturing of illegal drugs and counterfeit relics? The lost treasure of King Henry II of England? Murder? Then there is the dragon that tried to kill Virginia Davies Clark’s friend Dr. Terry Sorenson. Dr. Terry Sorenson is on Buckman Island, a Texas barrier island on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, sorting through ancient North and Central American native artifacts that a wealthy English Lord sold to the Smithsonian. But when Virginia Davies Clark is called to duty by the Smithsonian Central Security Service to investigate why Terry was attacked by a dragon, things turn dark. Virginia and Terry quickly discover illegal activities taking place on the island involving illegal drugs being made and distributed, artifacts being copied and sold as the originals, the murder of the English Lord, and an old skeleton wrapped in a Dragon Quilt in a closet. They must locate a lost green dragon statue made from a meteor and use it along with the dragon quilt to find the murderer, who is behind the drug and relic operations, and the missing treasure of King Henry II… without being killed. Virginia and her quilting pal Dr. Terry Sorenson wish they had stuck to archaeology, basting, and batting.


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