Life was good for Murphy O’Brien… until it wasn’t…

Murphy O’Brien, born without fingerprints, becomes a valuable asset to a crime boss who puts the lonely, orphaned boy to work, stealing from his wealthy clients… without leaving a shred of evidence behind. The profitable alliance ends on the night the pair are caught red-handed, robbing a prominent senator’s home, and the boss decides the only one way to silence the only witness to his double murder is to commit a third: Murphy.

One stormy night, Murphy is left, broken and near death alongside the highway. But the boss’s evil plot goes sideways when a quiet Amishman finds Murphy and delivers him to the nearest ER. Once recovered, he takes Murphy home, to recover… and hide from the killer.

Amish widow Rachel Graber, hired to care for “the amnesiac John Doe,” is unlike any woman Murphy has ever known. Will his feelings for her inspire him to confess past crimes, serve his time, and earn her love… living Plain in her New Order Amish community? Or will the killer finally succeed in preventing Murphy from testifying against him?


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