From the early 1940s, The Gold Rose, a secret rescue agency with Asian origins, has used a unique system to ferret out and save victims in every corner of the world. Charlotte Hunt-Basse, an agent with The Gold Rose, must face numerous challenges to save the lives of two of her assignments-Pinkie and Babe.


Two-year-old Pinkie, discovered abandoned on a dirt road during a violent storm, is whisked off to Mexico by oil-heir Clint Sutton and his girlfriend, Angelina. Years later, Pinkie is stolen away to Argentina by an aging Romani. In a bizarre twist, a rogue agent of The Gold Rose returns Pinkie to America, only to sell her to a woman in Los Angeles. When the agency locates Pinkie again, Charlotte must throw all caution to the wind to rescue her.


Babe, the child of Texas missionaries, is hidden by two Chinese families during the Japanese invasion and ensuing Communist takeover in China. She is forced by the second family to live incognito as a “boy” for several years. Martial arts are banned, but the grandfather teaches Babe Yǒng Chūn in deepest secrecy. The civil war escalates, and Babe finds herself on a dangerous quest for survival as she journeys alone through enemy territory toward the faintest hope of rescue.


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