Katherine Delaney is a successful actress and single mom of two young boys-Jack and Ben. She is friends with her ex-husband, but her career and her devotion to her sons has left her lonely and feeling unloved. Marcus Buchanan is an award-winning novelist and screen writer. He is a widower, and his step-children from that marriage live in other parts of the country. He keeps busy writing so he won’t feel the emptiness of his life. When Katherine is cast in a film that Marcus wrote, the two meet. During the film’s production, they discover love again with each other. There’s just one catch: Katherine lives in Los Angeles, and Marcus lives in Chattanooga. When she visits him in Tennessee, she falls in love with the beauty and the lifestyle his home offers. But she needs her sons to be happy uprooting their lives in California and moving across the country to live with the new man in her life. She brings the boys to visit Marcus for a week in Tennessee, but when one of her sons doesn’t want to leave L.A., Katherine puts her duty to her children first and says goodbye to Marcus, leaving behind her chance for love and happiness with a wonderful man. Katherine regrets her decision, but an unexpected turn of events changes the situation. Is it too late to find love with Marcus? After the way her goodbye hurt him, will he be willing to risk giving her a second chance?


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