When the mission is too big to handle, they call Mountbatten. When the risk is too great, they call Mountbatten. When their own intelligence service is stretched too thin, they call Mountbatten. When they need to keep their hands clean and have complete deniability, they call Mountbatten. The Intelligence Community believes that Mountbatten-formerly known as Percival-is the only freelance operative to call when the mission needs to be done right the first time. And they’re right. Mountbatten has never failed to complete a mission, and the Intelligence Community believes that Mountbatten is the most professional, most successful, and most reliable operative on the market. And they’re right. No one in the Intelligence Community has ever met or even seen Mountbatten, but they believe that Mountbatten is just one extraordinary man. And they couldn’t be more wrong… Award Winning Novelist William Speir, and J. C. Newman, veteran of Clandestine Service operations on five continents, have teamed up to write an action-packed story about the unseen world of freelance Human Intelligence operatives. The realism of this thrilling rollercoaster ride pulls you in from the start and doesn’t let go until the exciting conclusion. This novel is a must read!


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