Elice Glasser is a widow with three young children to raise. Cabot Murray is an ex-cop who returns home to Freeland, Maryland, to deal with the pain of his own tragic loss: the death of his wife and daughter in a fiery explosion intended for him.

Grieving, their sorrow brings them together, and a friendship develops that leads them to explore the possibility of finding love again. But vengeful enemies and jealous rivals are determined to destroy the peace and happiness that Elice and Cabot have found in each other’s arms. Why are their rivals so intent on keeping Elice and Cabot apart? Loree Lough’s latest suspenseful romance is a page-turner!



3 reviews for Beyond the Shadows

  1. V. S. Herlocker

    This is Loree Lough’s first book in her suspense “Shadows” series, and I look forward to the release of the other books. Cabot Murray and Elise Glasser are complete opposites–she’s trusting of people and completely relies on the Lord, and he is an ex-cop who struggles with trust in people and even with God. And he feels his presence is somehow related to the frightening warning notes, anonymous phone calls, and life-threatening events that unfold in Elise’s life. The suspense had me reading until 2:00 AM! Elise’s three children and her ex-in-laws add a sweet touch (as well as more drama!) to the novel.
    As usual in books by Loree Lough, I found her characters so well developed that I felt I knew each one personally.

  2. Mrs. Tina Rice

    Beyond the Shadows is a griping story filled with suspense, danger, heartbreak and grief, vengeance, joy, surprises, faith and a chance of love. Elice Glasser and Cabot Murray both have decided to not fall in love again after losing loved ones. However, as they get to know each other they find that their hearts have a mind of their own. But there is danger lurking and could keep them apart—permanently. A gripping and heartwarming story.

  3. Teri G.

    Loree Lough is a skillful writer with an incredible way with words! Beyond The Shadows is a perfect mix of suspense and romance. It peaked my interest from cover to cover.

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