The world that Brilynn lives on was already falling apart, but now it has begun to destroy itself from within. A mysterious metal has sprouted up from beneath the surface of the planet and is threatening to encase everything it touches. The most powerful people on the planet, The Big Five, are baffled at what to do next. Nothing seems to slow down or stall the metal enemy that marches steadily onward. The world waits and watches as this new enemy slowly traps them in a metal grave. Their only hope for salvation lies with a young girl who is about to wake up from her metal covered nightmare. Brilynn wants nothing more than to save her family and her town, but to do so she must face off against the two most powerful and ruthless families of The Big Five, who have their own plans for Brilynn. Can Brilynn save her family and the entire world before the metal seals them all away, or will her world be doomed to suffer a fate far worse than death?


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1 review for The Seeder’s Gift

  1. Baron

    This was a super easy book to read that did not disappoint. Will have to read the other two books.

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