McIntosh Summer

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McIntosh Summer is a must read! From a historical point as well as a Muscogee (Creek) cultural point, the historian in me was captivated by factual information and events in the book, and the Cultural Resources side of me was amazed at the depiction of the Muscogee culture. This story set in 1933, location Georgia. The author beautifully captures the melting of cultures during trying times, especially in the South. The pronouns “Negroes” and “Colored” utilization in this book accurately describe the terms and titles that were used in the 1930’s. As an American of African Descent (I am not an African-American because I was born here in America as well as both of my parents) I do not take offense from the terms and titles. If I may quote the author in her first correspondence with me “History doesn’t always paint lovely pictures, and we can’t change that. It is what it is. It’s history! We can’t change it, we can’t judge it, we can learn from it and do better. That’s the point.” This young adult historical fiction based on Chief William McIntosh is a glimpse into the Muscogee (Creek) culture and history. This book bridges the timeline between the 19th and 20th Century. Overall, if I had to rate this manuscript I would say….EXCELLENT!!! Lonnie J. Davis Cultural Resources Specialist/Historian Ocmulgee National Monument.


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1 review for McIntosh Summer

  1. Skip Clark

    I just finished reading McIntosh Summer, by Deanna K Klingel. The author did a wonderful job of intermingling her story between the 1800s and 1900s. Her description of William McIntosh’s home was very vivid in my mind. And the soldiers driving the Indians out was touching. It reminded me of some of Sherman Alexi’s writings, although not as profane. This is a book anyone can read. The history of the Creek Indians in the southeast is fascinating and Deanna brings it to life. Hopefully, she’ll continue along this avenue.

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