Life hasn’t been easy for seventeen-year-old Barry McElroy since his father, an Army veteran, had left the family three years earlier due to his PTSD. A student at Paschal High School, Barry is working late at the library researching a term paper on missing persons. On the way home ambushed by three thugs from The Rosedale Gang, all appears to be lost. Suddenly out of the shadows someone shows up to rescue him–the mysterious and beautiful vampire, Casey Appleton. Barry vows to keep her secret after she saves his life. Discovering through the National Center for Missing and Unidentified Persons System that Casey’s niece, Kelly Westland, has gone missing and fearing Kelly may fall into the same scenario that led to Casey’s damnation, Barry and the vampire team up and travel to the Appleton family home. What they discover there is more horrifying and sadistic than anyone could ever have imagined. The worst predators known to mankind–or to a vampire–had made its presence known and had to be stopped no matter how high the cost.


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3 reviews for Barry and the Vampire in The Rosedale Encounter

  1. Rachel

    This is my first book by Darrell Bartell and all I can say is he is an amazing write. This book will take you on a very fast moving thriller in the world of vampires and one human who can help his new friend with a family matter. Their meeting was by chance, but their friendship really blossems into something that has never been done on this leave in the vampire world. His writing style is all his own and there is no one to compare him too. If you are looking for a new view in the world of supernatural please read Barry and the Vampire in the Rosedale Encounter. I can’t wait to find out what happens in book two.

  2. Deanna Klingel

    Not a vampire fan, I didn’t think. But once I got started, it was intriguing. It was a venture into an unknown world for me, but for vampire fans, I’ll bet they will jump in with both feet! It was a fun read and I passed it on to young readers in our family.

  3. L. Hatcher

    One of the most original books of this genre I have ever read. Most enjoyable

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