Silki Rose Begay, a young Navajo teenager, thought she’d made up Wol-la-chee, the Ancient Ant Man, when she was a kid drumming up crazy adventures to have on horseback with her best friend Birdie. When Wol-la-chee shrieks into her life one summer day on Concho Mountain, everything changes, including Birdie, who distances herself more after each mysterious event on the Rez. With her family constantly pushing her toward more responsibility and respect for her tribe’s heritage, as well as Birdie telling her she has her real and unreal all mixed up, the pressure mounts for Silki to face her destiny and confront Wol-la-chee. If she does her part, will He go back where he came from, will Birdie finally believe, and can Silki handle the whole Ancient World by herself?


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