What better way to catch the world’s attention than to create a distraction in an internationally televised sporting event? The Safari Rally, hosted by Kenya in East Africa, is one such event-and a Middle Eastern country wonders if it could snatch that honor away from Kenya by creating a “disturbance” during the rally that would damage that country’s unblemished reputation. A shady character, who goes by “Doc,” enters the country a few days before the event and makes steady progress in executing the plot. The police have been alerted but are distracted by one lead after another: an attractive, mysterious Southeast Asian woman, a Russian arms dealer, and a young couple unwittingly involved while sponsoring a local entrant. Caught up in this developing drama are an alert Mossad agent and a curious KGB agent. As in the author’s previous novel, Limited Edition: A Poacher’s Endgame, this story is interspersed with wry humor and witty dialogue, taking the reader on a fast-paced race through Kenya’s beautiful landscapes as the rally cars take off on a Good Friday and end up on Easter Monday in Nairobi, the “Green City under the Sun,” for the dramatic finale.


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