Peer support in emergency services has become increasingly accepted over the past two decades. Not only do effective peer support programs assist first responders during tough incidents, but these programs also save lives. I’ve Got Your 6: Peer Support for First Responders is a step-by-step guide to create a peer support program. From writing policies to standing up a team, this book was created to assist departments and agencies in implementing professional teams in a timely manner. Now more than ever, first responders need assistance, and peer support is an invaluable resource.


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2 reviews for I’ve Got Your 6: Peer Support for First Responders

  1. Curtis D. Henderson

    Tania has provided another great source of information and inspiration. She shares a wealth of knowledge to a group of people who need it most. Read it. Learn it. Practice it. Live it.

  2. Anonymous

    Another priceless resource from Dr. Glenn for leadership and clinicians who are dedicated to providing effective support services to first responders. This guide offers step-by-step plans for creating and sustaining peer support teams, including details about the policies and pitfalls that will make or break your program. She shares her own tips, training topics, and expertise openly. I appreciate that she understands the perils of traditional group debriefing methods and offers more effective, trauma-informed, ethical guidelines for addressing the needs of personnel after a critical incident. This book is a must-read for any public safety agency, whether you have a peer support program already or are looking at starting one.

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