Stress and trauma are inherent in the public safety professions. When first responders are impacted by the negativity they encounter, their family members are often impacted as well. Yet somehow, the needs of families are often discounted or overlooked completely. “First Responder Families: Caring for the Hidden Heroes” was written to help families understand what to expect during turbulent times and to give them tools to mitigate stress and trauma. In this book, Dr. Tania Glenn writes not only as a clinician with over twenty-eight years of experience working with first responders, she also writes as a loved one of a public safety professional. Tying together the clinical knowledge and insight to create this book has been one of the most inspiring things she has done.


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2 reviews for First Responder Families: Caring for the Hidden Heroes

  1. Christine B.

    Dr. Tania Glenn has dedicated nearly 3 decades of her life to first responders and their families. This book is an easy to read and understand guide for family members and loved ones of first responders. She incorporates interviews with first responder children and others. Tania draws from her years of experience in order to help the families—“the hidden heroes.” This book is a gift to all who care for first responders.

  2. Ellen

    Anyone who works with or has interactive lives with a First Responder should read this book.

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