From a three-week voyage of more than 7000 miles from New Orleans to Buenos Aires in 1964 through an eight-day, 3258-mile round-trip drive between Evanston, Illinois and Clovis, New Mexico in 2017, the Bedfords have packed a lot into their life’s journey. Follow their inspiring story of faith and service set in Southern and Northern hemispheres.



1 review for From Sea to Sea: River Plate to Lake Michigan

  1. Dr. Thomas Law

    This is a wonderful tribute to an extraordinary family as the author takes the reader on a fifty plus year odyssey. It follows their winding journey on a world-wide adventure. Using vignettes, Gaydou highlights the remarkable exploits of her family as they work and travel in the United States, South America, and Europe. Along the way she introduces the reader to spectacular people who made a real difference in the lives of those around them.

    This is a story of love and friendship against the backdrop of some of the most dramatic events of the late twentieth century in the South Cone. Along the way the author peppers her narrative with historical tidbits to help the reader understand the circumstances of what is happening in the United States, Argentina, and their surrounding neighbors. Not just along for the ride, she showcases how her family was intertwined with the events, cultures, and people.

    Through her stories Gaydou highlights how the various cultures have coalesced to create Argentina and how her family has become part of that mixture of North American, Spanish, Italian, German, etc. cultures which makes the world such a delightful place.

    But this book is fundamentally a book about faithfulness. It is the story of a couple who faithfully devoted themselves to God and the work He laid out for them. It is the story of how regardless of their location or circumstances they applied themselves to His will. It is a story of how God can use those who are committed to Him to make a difference in the lives of those around them and the world in general.

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