Full of surprises, feuds, kidnappings and a family reunited!

Stewart sees a ghostly figure out of the corner of his eye. He and his friend, Andy, begin a ghost investigation that leads to an adventure of a lifetime. Coming face-to-face with a ghost, the boys make a decision to join forces with a group of girls, who have encountered a ghost of their own. The kids soon find that the ghosts that they’ve encountered are in imminent danger and need their help. Can the kids devise a plan to help the ghost in time? Will they be able to reunite a ghost with his lost family? Complete with a ghost village and a feud, this story takes on a life of its own.


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3 reviews for The Ghost of Whispering Willow

  1. M. M. Bishop Award-winning author and poet

    The Ghost of Whispering Willow is a story like none other. While there have been many ghost stories written over the years, Amanda Thrasher has taken this story to new levels. It is fascinating, heart warming, and is hard not to fall in love with the ghosts and their plight.

    Even though, written for a younger audience, like the Harry Potter series, it is a book for all ages. You will be delighted; touched, and frightened in equal measure as you follow these young children on their quest to prove there are ghosts in the Willows and then to help them.

    Ms. Thrasher hasn’t written a ghost story to leave one frightened, but a story that will make one wonder about the nature of life and death.

    Stewart, Andy and friends, complete with all the equipment needed to hunt ghosts, discover more than they could have ever imagined, when they actually meet real ghosts. What happens, how it happens I will let you read the book, suffice to say that you will fall in love with this book. Caring deeply about sweet Margaret Rose and her brother, and it will without a doubt become one of your favorite books through the years. It is a excellent book to help children become genuinely interested in reading and learning to read well, and I think will become such a book as to last the test of future generations.

    I highly recommend this book for everyone.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I started this book, There was action but I couldn’t give it 5 stars because there where slow part between the action to the point where several times I considered putting the book down. I’m glad I didn’t the las 25% of the book had plenty of action and the ending was different from what I expected.

  3. Sherrill S. Cannon

    Amanda M Thrasher has developed a new genre for her books, providing her readers with a suspenseful creative story about several school children who discover that there are ghosts living in the woods behind their homes. Using technically advanced, sensitive ghost-detection devices, the children are able to sense the existence of these spirits and eventually make contact with them. The story of their involvement and interaction with them is a wonderful one, and well worth the read. Margaret Rose will steal your heart!

    I have really enjoyed her previous stories about her mystical mushroom patch fairies, and now she has demonstrated her ability to tell ghost stories as well!

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