Sadie’s Fairy Tea Party by Amanda M. Thrasher

What happens when fairies come out to play? Sadie knows, she has her very own speck friend, a fairy named Violet. Violet plans a tea party, fairy tea party, in honor of her friend. As soon as Sadie catches sight of the beautifully lain table, she is speechless. Complete with scrumptious fairy delights and rose-hip tea, the two friends enjoy a special treat. Gentle life lessons displayed through acts of kindness, demonstrate how important friendships are, even to a tiny fairy.



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1 review for Sadie’s Fairy Tea Party by Amanda M. Thrasher

  1. Shirley Roe

    “Moral of the story is kindness, appreciation and friendship, all very valuable life lessons.” – AllBooks Review Int. August 2013

    The story is short, sweet with enchanting illustrations. At the end of the story is a question and answer section for parents to ask the child. This encourages listening and comprehension and is a definite asset to the book. This is followed by a coloring section and an activity page, where the child can be involved in making a lovely craft.

    “I know my granddaughters will love this little book. Highly Recommend.”

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