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Why Do Politics Cause People to Argue and Fall out over Thanksgiving?

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The political climatehas been pretty awkward and tumultuous throughout 2017 and 2018.  Everyone’s got a comment and a strong opinion on what’s happening, followed by an urge to scream it out.

With the holidays approaching and families getting together for a hot plate and a session of yelling, you can probably expect yours too to start sharing their opinions about political tweets, partisan politics that recently been more divisive than ever, and everything else in between. But, why do politics cause people to argue and fall out?

Politics are one of those touchy-feely subjects you can never win in. You can if you are talking to like-minding people with same or similar attitudes and convictions to yours, but the moment you try to cross-reference your opinions with someone who’s had a different background, upbringing, a different social and economic situation than yours, you are bound to clash. Even so, no matter how uncomfortable and disturbing, politics are a huge part of our lives and somehow happen to be one of the favorite topics to talk about.

If you are in the mood to try and reason with your family, go for it. However, if you are one of those who’d instead do everything to avoid a holiday chat turning into a screaming match, we’re listing some super advice below to help you out:

Know What You Are Talking About

Your Thanksgiving table isn’t the place to start a political debate, but if you already are set on doing it, then make sure you’ve got the facts sorted. If you feel strongly about something that’s talked about at the table, and you disagree with what the others are saying, shut them up with facts, dates, and examples. Talking empty will only lead to collective frustration.

Be Ready to Agree to Disagree

Not everyone wants to hear your opinion nor will they agree to your points, no matter how valid. That’s okay – such dynamic is a part of every political talk. What may be the problem here is you not realizing you can’t get to some people. So, to avoid feeling frustrated and turning this dinner into a verbal beatdown, be prepared to put the convo to bed, no matter how unhappy you are with the way it turned out.

Have Other Topics Ready

Sure, they’ll try to drag you in into the political debates, but you can always shut the political drama down by coming to dinner ready with other topics to talk about. Anything that’s not as intense as talking about politics is a great way to defuse the situation. Talk about work, your next holiday, relationships, remodeling your home, other people (yes, gossip seems to be great for taking someone’s minds off of their intended topics), talk about your kids, your favorite books turned to movies, and why you loved them, etc. Anything that’s not politics or is even remotely related to politics will work. Oh, and – avoid talking about religion. That’s a topic that’s almost as equally inflammatory as politics. Sorry.

It’s an unwritten rule – you’ll be talking politics during holidays, whether you like it or not, so you better get ready for it. Check out our websitefor some exciting book topics to talk about when you get together with your family.

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