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Scary Holiday Books Turned Into Movies


Is there anything better than curling up in warm blankets and reading a good book? If you are a horror fan, then you can follow the same recipe and enjoy a good movie on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Many horror movies based on famous horror novels, so if you want to experience the same plot through written and visual formats, keep your eyes peeled on our list of top scary holiday books below.

Stephen King Movies

Stephen King has a collection of novels that are grim, and almost all of them found their way to the movie screens. He is the master of the horror genre, after all. Stephen King has sold more than 350 million copies of his horror and supernatural books, and to this day, he published 58 novels.

Some of Stephen King’s novels had lived to see second movie adaptations, like ‘It.’This movie was iconic in 1990, and it ran as a miniseries, with 3 hours’ worth of video material. The movie follows the story of seven children in Derry, Maine, who are terrorized by Pennywise, a horrifically demonic clown.

The newest adaptation released in 2017 and it grossed more than 700 million dollars.Other favorite Stephen King novels that turned into hit movies are Carrie, Children of the Corn, Cujo, the Mist, and many more.

Let Me In or Let the Right One In

Based on a Swedish novel “Let the Right One In” that published in 2004, we have two movies ready to put us into the vampiric Halloween mood. This horror story written byJohn Ajvide Lindqvist follows a lonely young boy who gets bullied in school. When a new neighbor moves in next door, a girl his age becomes his friend. The only problem – she’s a vampire.

Later, in 2008, the first movie adaptation came out in Sweden, and it won several awards, including the ones for best non-American film, Empire Award for the best horror movie, several awards for the screenplay, and many more. In 2010, the American version was released, with a stellar performance of Chloe Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee.

The Ring

It isn’t My Precious and only one, but this ring binds many characters in darkness. Written by Koji Suzuki in 1991, the American movie remake was released in 2002 and won the favor of the audience. The Ring is still one of the highest-grossing horrors. Due to such an incredible audience reaction, the sequel soon followed in 2005. The latest Ring installment released in 2017 (Rings).

The plotline revolves around the VHS tape, and whoever watches it dies in seven days. Mysterious and bizarre deaths kept occurring when one grieving mother prompted her sister, the journalist, to uncover the mystery.

With Halloween approaching, there’s nothing better than a good horror book to keep you in suspense and put you in the right All Hollows Eve mood. Browse through our Progressive Risingwebsite to select the best horror and thriller books. The blankets and hot cocoa – are not included.

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Halloween Safety Tips 2018


Number one rule is not to eat all the candy the same day if you want to avoid a sugar rush, food coma, and a tummy ache. Joking aside, Halloween is a holiday where streets are swamped with pedestrians, most of whom are children. Take special precautions and follow our Halloween safety tips, and – happy Trick-or-Treating!

How to Cross the Streets

Children are more likely to be hit by a car on a Halloween than on any other day. Luckily, you can take extra precautions to keep them safe. Children should always be under adult supervision. For those who are mature enough, they can stick to larger groups of friends. Everybody should pay extra attention to cars, maintaining eye contact with the driver when crossing, and generally using crosswalksand traffic lights instead of running across the street.

Children should stay on the sidewalks and map the route in advance. Nobody wants to get lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood at night. It’s best not to run around, especially on the lawns where kids can easily trip on Halloween decorations. If your child has food allergies, it would be best to wait with sampling candy until you reach home.

Make Costumes Safe

Wearing costumes with face masks can diminish a child’s vision. It’s always better to turn to face paint and makeup where it’s applicable so that they can pay attention to crossings and obstacles. Add some glamour to the costume with LED lights or reflective tape so that they can be seen from a distance. You can always add flashlights as part of the Halloween accessory.

Make sure that children can have a full range of motion with their costumes. They need to be able to move freely without obstructions; otherwise, they might be in danger. It is especially true for selecting the right size. Costumes that are too big for kids, like capes or long dresses, can easily cause tripping and falling. Same goes for heels – make sure you select comfortable shoes.

Be careful about the props so that children can’t hurt others with their accessories. Also, avoid flame-hazard materialsand materials that can cause burn marks. Make sure that it’s easy to get out of the costume for bathroom breaks.

Safety Tips for Drivers

Children will be flooding the streets anywhere from 5 to 10 pm, so all drivers should pay attention and drive slower on Halloween. When you add candy in the mix, children are pretty excited, so they might run on the street, be distracted, not look on the crossings, etc.

Concentrate on the driving, and take more time to make sure it’s safe to make a turn. It is especially true if you are parking or backing up your vehicle. Keep your eyes peeled and be alert on Halloween. If you are driving and wearing a mask, make sure your vision is clear and that nothing is blocking it.

When the trick-or-treating is finally done, it will be hard to put the kids to sleep after all that excitement.  Wind down with a good book – you can find many favorite headlines on our Progressive Risingwebsite.

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