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Benefits of Reading to Children Before Bed

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Many read to their child because storytelling before going to sleep feels like a tradition. If your parents read to you as a child, chances are you want to do the same with your own kids.

You remember how good it felt to have your mom or dad spend time with you just before you slept. You might even still remember the books they read to you word-for-word and the different voices they used to portray the different characters. Because storytelling before bedtime as a child has left you with so many fond memories of your youth, you want to share that same feeling with your children.

But beyond tradition and bonding with your kid, reading to your kids before bedtime has proven to have many benefits. Here are 6 reasons why reading books to your kids before bed is great for them:

  1. Encourages the Love of Reading

    Kids establish a love of reading when they are read to. When children are introduced to books early on, they start to identify them as sources of fun and adventure. Later in life, they realize that books are also full of knowledge.
  2. Develops Communication and Language Skills
    When you read stories to your children, you’re also helping them develop their communication skills, listening abilities, and memory. The more books you read, the more you strengthen their vocabulary and understanding of sentence structure.
    According to, brain scan study found that “reading at home with children from an early age was strongly correlated with brain activation in areas connected with visual imagery and understanding the meaning of language.”
  3. Improves Attention 

    As you read aloud, kids try to imagine the scenes in their minds, forcing them to pay attention. Reading stories to your children invites engagement. As you read along and the story unfolds, you will find them agreeing or disagreeing with the storyline. They become involved in the plot and want to chime in with their opinions and objections. A good story can get kids involved, improving attention and ability to focus.

  4. Prepares Them to Be Better Students 

    According to, “the more words that are in a child’s language world, the more words they will learn, and the stronger their language skills are when they reach kindergarten, the more prepared they are to be able to read, and the better they read, the more likely they will graduate from high school.”

  5. Sparks the Imagination 

    Reading to your child introduces them to new ideas, concepts, and experiences. Stories plant seeds of creativity in their minds and fuels the imagination. The more stories kids listen to, the more innovative, imaginative, and creative they become.

  6. Promotes Better Sleep 

    When kids watch a scary movie before sleeping, they’re more likely to wake up in the middle of the night with bad dreams.When you read to your kids before bedtime, the bonding established through reading and engaging creates a comforting feeling that promotes better sleep. And if you read their favorite stories, your children will go to sleep happy and calm and less likely to have nightmares.

    At Progressive Rising Phoenix, we are advocates for reading to your children before bedtime. Progressive Rising Phoenix Press offers a wide variety of children’s chapter books. Many have educational study guides available. Our award-winning children’s chapter books titles include educational, suspense, action, adventure, fantasy, and more!

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