Submission Guidelines

Please read the following submission guidelines to submit your manuscript to Progressive Rising Phoenix Press.

Note: Though some authors have the opportunity to receive a traditional contract, others will receive a joint venture contract which requires the author to share in a portion of the production cost of their work. A traditional arrangement requires the publisher to take a calculated risk and the decision which is not taken lightly. We consider many things during this process including marketability of the work, genre, author platform, ability of the author to work with the team,  and author’s overall experience.


Progressive Rising Phoenix Press is a unique press founded by authors. Authors receive a more significant percentage of royalty share and benefits that they can not obtain on their own. Please feel free to contact PRPP for a full explanation of our operation before submitting your work at the following:

Submission Guidelines

What we publish

We publish books for the entire family, children’s picture books, early/middle readers, chapter books, young adult novels, SELECT adult fiction, and specialty books.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable as long as we are notified if another publisher picks up your manuscript.

Some authors are responsible for a portion of their cost of production and some authors are not. All will receive multiple versions of their work including print and ebook formats. Each submission and contract will be evaluated on an individual basis.


How to submit a manuscript

All submissions should be attached as a document and sent to HERE.

Please include your name, the name of the work and age level (YA, A, MR, ER, or PB) in the subject line (i.e. C.S. Lewis,The Silver Chair, YA).  In the body text of the e-mail, briefly describe the manuscript’s plot, intended age group, your publishing credits (if any), and any other information you feel pertinent.

Please type your name, e-mail address, and phone number in the upper right hand corner of the first page of your manuscript.  Right under this, please put the length of your manuscript in number of words.

YA and Adult Novels, Middle and Early Readers:  Please send at least 10 pages from the opening chapter(s) along with a detailed synopsis.

Picture Books:  Send entire manuscript and artwork if you have it. If you do not have an illustrator, please check our list or simply notify Progressive. We will assist in locating the perfect illustrator for your piece.

Illustrators, normal industry standards apply: Print ready, digital format (JPEG), high resolution, 300 DPI or better. Print version: Four colors – CMYK   & EBook version- Three colors- RBG.


Formatting Form For Unpublished Submissions:

1.     8.5 x 11-inch page setup, 1-inch margin all around.

2.     Black text, 12-point Times New Roman typeface.

3.     First page approximately one-third from the top of the page; all chapters should begin on a new page, approximately one‐third from the top.

4.     Double‐space text and insert no extra lines spaces between paragraphs.

5.     Left justify text.

6.     Indent first line of each paragraph .5 inch.

7.     Place asterisks centered *** between each scene within a chapter.

8.     Remove page numbers from the Table of Contents (if included).

Note: if images are to be used in non-picture books (including author photos), please refer to the Picture Book section for details on submitting images. In order to ensure high quality printing, high-resolution JPEG files must be used for any images included in the book. Images may be e-mailed to us, or if there are too many to send via e-mail, use Dropbox,, or some other similar method.


*For a full explanation prior to submitting please contact us HERE.


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