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We are an innovative independent publisher founded by authors. We recognize that the industry has changed and have partnered with authors who take ownership in their work and what we do. Our mission is to succeed through promotion, creative cross marketing, and original content. As an independent publisher, we offer traditional and joint venture contracts, the type of contract offered depends upon many risk factors including genre and the experience of the author.

We recognize that the publishing industry has changed, therefore we offer the following: higher royalties, significant discounts, print options that authors can not obtain on their own, and benefits such as Lexile scoring, trade show opportunities, press releases, wholesale discounts for schools, libraries, and retail vendors.

Progressive Rising Phoenix Press titles include: mystery, suspense, action, adventure, fantasy, romance, historical sagas, sci-fi, and more! We offer rewards to libraries, schools, independent bookstores, and book clubs. Also, wholesale discounts, multiple bindings, and no minimum purchases are available. Please visit our wholesale discount page to take advantage of these offers. We print internationally, which draws talent from around the globe.

Being an independent publisher, Progressive Rising Phoenix Press is consistently adding new content on a regular basis, and we publish all genres including: children, non-fiction, and specialty books. All of our titles are available for significant discounts to schools, libraries, non-profits, retailers, and vendors through Progressive Rising Phoenix Press or Ingram/LSI.  For media requests or event bookings, please contact us.

Here at Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, we’re building a select list. For this reason, we do not solicit authors, but do accept submissions. For a full explanation of our program prior to submitting please contact us.

If you would like to submit your manuscript, please click on the banner to view the submissions page.

Submission Guidelines – Click HERE

Educators, libraries, conferences, or writers groups, SKYPE with your favorite author. Ask questions, discuss the writing process, characters and more. For more information, and for media and interview requests contact Progressive Rising Phoenix Press.



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