When Nature Calls

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What happens when nature calls – and someone falls – prey to a vicious killer? Naturalist Kristen Matthews is heading up a team of volunteers working to eradicate pesky weeds during a workday at the Nature Station. When one of the volunteers wanders away from the rest of the group and ends up eradicated himself, Kristen is concerned for her safety, as well as the Nature Station’s reputation. She starts digging and unearths some interesting dirt on her squeaky clean helpers. Is it possible one of them despised the victim enough to kill him? Follow Kristen’s lead, as she wades through the wildflowers tracking the murderer, and learn a little about nature along the way.


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2 reviews for When Nature Calls

  1. Sherrill S. Cannon

    This is the first novel by Jannifer Powelson, and a compelling one. It’s chock full of references to nature as befitting an author who has written several award-winning children’s books in the Rachel and Sammy series: This time the author, who is a conservation specialist, weaves a nice cozy mystery story about a young woman who runs a local Nature Station and what happens when she stumbles over a body while she and her volunteers are out clearing garlic mustard weed. (I bet you don’t know what that is, but you’ll find out!) With several nice touches, such as including the mention of her children’s books within the story, and a budding love interest with a handsome INDR forester, the story also uses clever references to the amusing title within the storyline. This is a fun read, and it’s nice that the author titled it as part of a “Nature Station Mystery Series” because we can look forward to the next one as well!

  2. Jim Whitney

    This is a fun easy relaxing read. This author has taken a step from children’s books into writing a good read for a different age group. She uses her expertise as a resource conservationist to help write this new mystery read. Very captivating, and kept me wanting to read the last chapter before I was really to the end of this who-dunnit. Really enjoyed this, and am really looking forward to her second book.

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