Twelve Tantalizingly Twisted Tales

Who can pass up a scary tale or a spooky ghost story, especially right before bed on a stormy night after eating a sloppy bean burrito? From possessed bunny slippers to a house guarding an ancient secret, Twelve Tantalizingly Twisted Tales features a dozen short stories sure to raise a few goosebumps, conjure a giggle . . . and make you think twice before disobeying your mom the next time she asks you to clean the shower stall. “This book is ‘Twilight Zone’ for kids.” -Don Winn, founder of Cardboard Box Adventures Publishing and author of the Sir Kaye book series “Each story is a pleasure!” –Linda LaRue Austin, writer, historian, and author of Midnight Amethyst “David Hughes is a modern-day weaver of tales much like the classic Grimm brothers. Each story awakens the imagination and questions what we commonly refer to as reality, while entertaining and delighting the senses.” -Jan Sikes, author of Flowers and Stone and other biographical fiction.

Hardcover available: Please email the publisher if wanting to purchase a hardcover edition.


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  1. Amazon Customer

    Great stories and fantastic, imaginative artwork! Hope to see more from this author!

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