Twelve Tantalizingly Twisted Tales

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Who can pass up a scary tale or a spooky ghost story, especially right before bed on a stormy night after eating a sloppy bean burrito? From possessed bunny slippers to a house guarding an ancient secret, Twelve Tantalizingly Twisted Tales features a dozen short stories sure to raise a few goosebumps, conjure a giggle . . . and make you think twice before disobeying your mom the next time she asks you to clean the shower stall. “This book is ‘Twilight Zone’ for kids.” -Don Winn, founder of Cardboard Box Adventures Publishing and author of the Sir Kaye book series “Each story is a pleasure!” –Linda LaRue Austin, writer, historian, and author of Midnight Amethyst “David Hughes is a modern-day weaver of tales much like the classic Grimm brothers. Each story awakens the imagination and questions what we commonly refer to as reality, while entertaining and delighting the senses.” -Jan Sikes, author of Flowers and Stone and other biographical fiction.


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1 review for Twelve Tantalizingly Twisted Tales

  1. Hall Ways

    Reading this book took me back to the days of scouring the Scholastic Books order form for the spookiest books and then gobbling them up as soon as they were in my hands — always with a friend or two ready to borrow them. Oh, the power of having the cool, spooky book. Twelve Tantalizingly Twisted Tales is that kind of book. Kids are going to rip through it, share it with friends, and want to talk about the awesome, super-creepy stories nestled between the covers.

    Author David Hughes delivers a wide variety of chills (some more lighthearted than others) in a variety of settings (some much darker than others). There are monsters of the fangs and claw type, but also there are monsters of a much more subtle type where the writing wraps around readers and pulls them in close enough to feel placed within the story. Hughes weaves in folk lore and fairy tales, and at times the action is fairly intense. While there is a great deal of fantasy, the scary realities of real life are sprinkled throughout the stories and include everything from references to domestic violence, divorce, and the Holocaust to the pressure of making the cut for admission into school, bullying, and revenge. Parents will appreciate that the author also sneaks in some good life lessons without forcing them on the readers.

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