The Epiphany of Joy

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You can’t deny the experience of joy in the world today is in short supply. But what is joy, really, and how can we experience more of it? The Epiphany of Joy seeks to reorient the reader by comparing what joy is—living in God’s presence—to happiness based on circumstances. Through anecdotes and copious Biblical references, The Epiphany of Joy shows that joy is not only achievable but is available right now for the taking. All we have to do is ask! Enjoy!


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1 review for The Epiphany of Joy

  1. MG Fisher

    The Epiphany of Joy describes how joy can be found in everyday life; within the most minute of everyday happenings, even during the storms that come. This wonderful book gives encounters that people have endured, while not letting the strife of life steal their joy. I encourage everyone to read the Epiphany of Joy, soak it in so that when you do face the trials of everyday life, you have another tool in your tool belt to help you walk it out with joy!

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