Spider Web Scramble (A Mischief Book)

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Every third year, on the fifth full moon, the Mushroom Patch holds a magical Spider Web Scramble. Excitement buzzes through the forest as the fairies prepare to scramble the magical webs in order to complete the course. As a special treat, the elders disclose that the stars will be coming down to join in and play. A wish will be granted for the fairies who are pure of heart and manage to beat the clock, locating the star that has their name etched on it. With the no-fly rule in place, teamwork is the only way Pearle can complete the course. But little do they know that possible danger is in their midst. Will the magical spider web scramble be postponed? Will the stars grant Lilly, Boris, and Jack their wishes? Find out in this delightful magical adventure. This is the third installment in The Mischief Series.


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2 reviews for Spider Web Scramble (A Mischief Book)

  1. Anne Dunigan

    It’s the return of Lilly, Jack and Boris who are on an adventure that challenges their very beings and has them reaching for the stars! In this whimsical narrative, the delightful trio discover who they really are and what tough stuff they are made of as they help their friend Pearle, who is also on the cusp of discovering how wonderful and important she really is to the fairy world and to herself.

    This endearing and exciting tale reminds us all that strength of character and a faithful spirit can transform even the smallest one of us into a hero.
    Anne Dunigan
    Acquisition Editor Conslt.

    Often books that include special need characters teach others about the actual disability, pointing out the differences between them and others, but not this one. Amanda wove a beautiful and magical story with a very special fairy; Pearle is precious. How Lilly, Boris and Jack, unite in such a loving way to assist Pearle through the exciting spider web scramble, proves yet again that friendship, loyalty, and goodness, brings all together regardless of a disability in equality.

    Lisa Keefer Robinson
    National Safety Council

  2. Snoopyreviewer

    Every 3 years the fairies have a spider web scramble. In order to include Pearl there is a no fly rule in place. With looming danger ahead should they put off the scramble? No they persevere as a team of friends and get through the course. Back are Lily, Boris, Jack and Pearl for more fairy fun.
    Written in the same style as the other Mischief books which center around friendship, co-operation, diversity and doing your best, Ms. Thrasher has not disappointed. All children will enjoy this fun tale. I give it 5 spider webs for a fun read. We look forward to reading more from this exceptional author.

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